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Presenters & Topics

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Decolonising as a means to Gender Rights

Presented by: Arya Jeipea Karijo (she)

This photo contains a black woman with a black, brown and white cheetah print blouse, a silver necklace, and a purple, maroon, blue, pink and yellow colored garment on top of her head with a poster in the background that has a person with a blue face and white arms.

The Art of Being

Working with Intuition and Internal Reflection

Presented by: Ashley Marie Lagrange (they)

This photo contains a non-binary light skin Black Dominican American with brown curly hair, down and parted in the middle . They are sitting criss cross and barefoot on a brown wooden floor, wearing an off white V-neck sleeveless sweater vest, big silver hoop earrings, silver rings on each finger and black trousers. On their left arm there are various black ink tattoos. They are sitting surrounding by collaging materials: magazines, modge podge and more. The background is a while wall lined up with many of their collages.

Food for Thought

How to Stop War With Food, Weight, Gender Dysphoria and Body Dysmorphia

Presented by: Asa Splinter (they)

The photo contains a non binary, trans person with a dreamy expression who has blue/grey eyes, shoulder length blonde hair that’s swept to one side and a white t-shirt on.

Addressing Transphobia Throughout the Ecosystem

Presented by: Dr. Cadyn Cathers (he)

This photo contains a white, transgender man with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a light blue button down shirt and dark blue slacks. He is standing in front of a bright, rainbow colored brick wall. The text at the bottom of the photo reads: “Photo Credit: Crystal Lily Photography”

Trans in Scriptures

Presented by: Masha Leah Davis (she)

The photo contains a trans white Jewish woman with brunette wavy hair and glasses against a blue background.

Don’t Shame Me!

Identity, Nuerodivergence, Kink, and Consensual Non-Monogamy

Presented by: Rebecca Kerl (she/they)

The photo contains a genderfluid person who has long red hair, glasses, wearing a green shirt, resting their arms on a black piano against a dark red background with a landscape painting in the background.

Self-Compassion and Shame Resilience Through a Lens of Trans Liberation

Presented by: Dr. addyson tucker, Psy.D. (they)

This photo contains a small fat, white nonbinary person with medium length, lilac-colored straight hair, wearing a green button-up collared shirt with a black top underneath, standing with their arms crossed and a closed-mouth smile in front of a fall background with trees, water, and a white gazebo.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Neopronouns

Presented by: Daniel Kozieja (he/they)

This photo contains a non binary, trans person who has short brown hair, a blonde/brown/red beard, green eyes, in a black suit with a light blue button down shirt and blue tie against a grey background.

Queering Therapy

How to create affirming therapy for youth, individuals and families

Presented by: Kieran S. McMonagle (he)

This photo contains a trans masculine guy who has blue eyes, is white, and light brown hair. He is sitting on stairs, wearing a grey short sleeve collared shirt, and is surrounded by chayote vines.

Introduction to Anti-Ableism

How to Be An Ally to the Disability Community

Presented by: Melissa Stricklin (she/they)

This photo contains a genderfluid white person who has shoulder length brown curly hair and blue eyes. They are wearing a black shirt with a dark blue cardigan over it, and they are standing in front of a plain beige background.

Queer Identity Development Explored through Queer Song Lyrics

Presented by: Gray Baldwin (they)

This photo contains the words: Main Street Music Therapy with the subheader WELLNESS THROUGH CREATIVITY. The text is blue and to the left of the text is a light blue graphic of the top half of a guitar. The image is on a plain white background.

Assessment & Letter Writing

Presented by: Van Ethan Levy (van/they/elle)

This photo contains a white passing non binary & trans person who has brown short hair, a beard, and hazel eyes. The person is wearing a black shirt with a pocket that has an image with blue, green, black, yellow & gray and is also wearing a white fluffy dog around their neck.