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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Do Something: Identity (ies) also known as (DSI) created?

The intentionality of the Do Something: Identity(ies) International Virtual Conference is to bring awareness to the world of our realities while offering ways to help support us while also supporting our community and engaging in restorative and healing justice.

We all deserve to exist in a world where we are not targeted, murdered, denied care, experience abuse and so much more just for who we are.  As trans, non binary and many more non cis people, we are more than just a monolith of these identities.  We must be aware that the ways in which our identities intersect have a major impact on our livelihoods, access and so much more.  

We are asking you to come to support our work, pay us for our labor, learn from our community, and learn how to take action to be able to Do Something in a way that is meaningful and life-saving way.  We all hold privilege in different ways and often are unaware of this reality and/or how to wield our privilege to create access and safety for people. This conference is designed to help facilitate education and increase our toolset so that we can create safer and affirming spaces for all parts of ourselves as well as for others.  

When we explore alternative spaces of education on how to affirm communities, we often miss that these practices/educations/etc are by communities who are not part of the community being educated about.  We are often regurgitating language that was given to us without unpacking the origins to identify whether this is by the community for the community or a recycled form of gaslighting deeply rooted in harm and oppression.  I wanted to put this conference on to help facilitate conceptualizations and actions about self and others in a way that is rooted in understanding, empathy and gaining access to our strength and tools within us to be able to protect ourselves and learn how to pave ways so that we can more than just survive and live but most importantly thrive.

What is the DSI conference?
Do Something Identities Conference is a conference that is focused on providing education that creates inclusion of identities.  Oftentimes when we take trainings on anything there’s an entire erasure and exclusion of people who are trans, non binary, queer, disabled, Black, neurodiverse folks, and so much more. It’s typically the same demographic that’s focused to support and othering of all identities.
This conference is to provide education from anti-oppressive and trauma-informed positionalities. We are always learning and growing and we will make mistakes. What we hope to do is to model to the world how to engage in cultural humility and learn from harm that we’ve caused with a willingness to engage in restorative, healing, and reparative justice.
Who can attend?
The conference is for mental health care providers, medical health care providers, teachers, Human Resources (HR), CEOs, CFOs, attorneys, business owners, supervisors, trainees, associates, interns, professors/teachers, partners, families, friends, youth, kids, LGBTQPIA2S+ community members and so many more folx coming together. If you know anyone who may be interested in this conference please share widely.
What is the focus?
The focus is on creating safer spaces for all people despite ones identities. We are centering the realities of trans, non binary, LGBTQPIA2S+, and many more historically and currently pushed out, erased, and excluded community members.
What makes the DSI conference different from all the others?
All presenters are Trans and/or Non Binary and paid for their work. 
Are there CE’s available?
Yes, through R.Cassidy. Click here to learn more at the CEs.
Are there sliding scales/scholarships?
How can I support and/or donate to the conference?
How do I become a sponsor?
How do I become an exhibitor?
Can I sponsor a ticket for someone else?
Do you do group discounts?
Where is the conference located?
This conference brings together speakers from all over the world all in a virtual format, via Zoom.
Is it completely virtual?
Yes, the conference is completely virtual
Will the conference be recorded?
Yes! Barring any technical difficulties.
If I buy a ticket, will I have access to the recordings?
Yes! You will have full access to the recordings for 90 days after the conference.
What time zone is it in?
Pacific Time Zone