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Inaugural Conference For Mental Health Professionals to Learn From Trans/Non Binary Folx How to Provide Affirming Care

(LOS ANGELES) FEBRUARY 17, 2022 – The Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference (DSI) will be hosting its first annual virtual conference on Friday, May 13, 2022. The intention of the conference is to center trans, non binary & many more non-cis identities’ realities and educate the world on affirming care. 

This conference was founded by Van Ethan Levy (Van/they/elle), LMFT & LPCC, an advocate and activist for trans/non binary and other non-cis folx affirming care for more than twenty years. Van’s dream for the conference is to give a platform to folx who hold historically excluded identity(ies). “I emphasized that presenters did NOT need to have any educational background; just an identity that they held that they would like to educate the world on how to create a safer and more affirming space so that our community can have a platform to dictate the care we deserve to receive with our bodies.”

All presentations, panels, lectures, and education sessions, are presented exclusively by folx who are trans, non binary, and/or another non-cis identity. Many of the presenters also hold other historically excluded identity(ies) in terms of race, ability, and more. This emphasis comes from Van’s witnessing of organizations that had performed QTBIPOC solidarity but had done little, if anything, to make true accessibility for these identities. Van aspires for this conference to model a way forward for other organizations in regards to true inclusivity. “My hope is to either push global organizations that claim to be affirming to actually be trans/non binary and many more non-cis folx affirming while modeling to pay and employ people who are QTBIPOC with disabilities, who are neurodivergent, who don’t have degrees, and so much more.”

Though presenters are exclusively folx who are trans, non binary, and/or another non-cis identity(ies) this conference is open for attendance to all folx of any identity who aspire to learn & engage. Presentations are geared towards self-healing, creating safer spaces, and accessibility. When asked about how the impact this conference would have helped them at an earlier age, Van shared: “I would have felt more affirmed in my identity. I would have learned how to show up for others in ways that were affirming and safer. It would have helped me feel more connected and not alone. [It would have] given me hope that I can equate to something and do something with my life. It would have instilled hope and connection.”

Van Ethan Levy
(619) 993-3642