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This photo contains a white passing non binary person with short brown hair & a brown beard with hazel eyes smiling.  The person is wearing a black shirt with a pocket that has Van Gogh's a Starry Night painting which has blue & white swirls with yellow swirls, and green and grey colors. With a white fluffy dog around their neck.

Van (they / elle) is a queer, non-binary, trans, socialized as female, nBPOC (not Black Person of Color), who is autistic and has dynamic disabilities amongst many more historically excluded identities. They are dually licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Van is passionate about holding space for all intersections of one’s identity(ies). Van is dedicated to social justice & believes it is vital to cultivate an awareness of our own internal strengths, specifically our resilience as we continue to grow and discover ourselves. Van believes it is important to trust and validate our experience(s) & journey(s). Van aims to use a trauma informed lens and hopes to help you learn ways to help support yourself in the best way possible. Van also provides trainings on trans and non-binary identities, is author of the interactive book Exploring My Identity(ies) (2020), produced a Documentary called Do Something: Trans & Non Binary Identities (2021), and is putting on an international conference called Do Something: Identity(ies) (2022).

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This photo contains a black circle in the middle which is then has a brown oval, followed by oval patters that are then yellow, pink, blue, purple, blue, green, orange & the outer oval is red.