Do Something Identity(ies) Conference

Friday, May 13, 2022

8am-6pm PDT

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Welcome to the inaugural DSI conference, an international virtual conference that centers and celebrates the most erased realities in the [popup_anything id=”1273″] community.

All presentations, panels, lectures, education sessions, and more are presented exclusively by [popup_anything id=”1277″] who are [popup_anything id=”1278″]/[popup_anything id=”1280″] and/or another non cis [popup_anything id=”1279″]; many of the presenters also hold other historically excluded [popup_anything id=”1281″] in terms of race, ability, and more. Additionally, everyone who is part of organizing and facilitating the conference are paid for their labor – we are focused on creating a conference that reflects the world we want to live in.

Our hope for the DSI Conference is to broaden the perspective of attendees by highlighting realities that differ from their own experiences. The intention of the conference is to center [popup_anything id=”1278″]/[popup_anything id=”1280″] and many more non cis identities’ realities and educate the world on affirming care.

We invite you to explore more about the conference by selecting one of the boxes below and to join us in May to learn to think outside of the framework of privilege ingrained in our society and healthcare system.

About the Conference

While our presenters come from different countries and continents and varying types of work/professions, they each are sharing their knowledge and passions from their own unique perspectives. Presentations will push attendees to think outside of the cis gender, heterosexual, white passing, able-bodied, and many more privileged [popup_anything id=”1281″] framework, and will show that members of our community are not a monolith and need spaces that are truly affirming regardless of the different [popup_anything id=”1281″] one holds.

Presentation Topics

Our conference is striving to teach on a wide variety of topics relating to the [popup_anything id=”1278″]/[popup_anything id=”1280″], non-cis, and queer communities. Presentations are centered around the perspectives and experiences of our community and highlighting the individual knowledge, expertise, and experiences of our speakers. Even though there may be some overlap in topics between presentations, we encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible because our community is not a monolith and to embrace true diversity by learning from many individual experiences.

Sessions will address a variety of topics crucial for the education and discussion of how to center [popup_anything id=”1278″]/[popup_anything id=”1280″] and many more non-cis [popup_anything id=”1281″] in mental and physical healthcare.

Presentation Areas and Topics

Decolonising as a means to Gender Rights (feat. Arya Jeipea)

In this discussion Arya makes a case for decolonisation as a way to achieve bodily autonomy, gender equality and recognition for transgender people.

Food for Thought – How to Stop War With Food, Weight, Gender Dysphoria and Body Dysmorphia (feat. Asa Splinter)

In this interactive presentation, Asa Splinter shares their personal story about how they fully recovered from an eating disorder; why food should not be seen as fuel or the enemy; and what is needed to make peace with your body.

Queer Identity Development Explored through Queer Song Lyrics (feat. Gray Baldwin

This presentation will focus on queer identity and exploring the coming out process through song lyrics by queer artists.

Addressing Transphobia Throughout the Ecosystem (feat. Dr. Cadyn Cathers)

In this course, Cadyn Cathers, PsyD explores how psychotherapists can offer prevention and intervention to reduce gender minority stress experienced by their trans or nonbinary clients.

Trans in Scriptures (feat. Masha Davis)

Come and learn about where trans people are in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures and other ancient texts. Masha will be presenting peer-reviewed material that represents a very controversial and uncomfortable viewpoint to our detractors.

The Art of Being: Working with Intuition and Internal Reflection (feat. Ashley Marie Lagrange)

A collage-based Mental Health Workshop where participants will focus on visualizing a part of ourselves that feels difficult to sit with and learning skills to follow our intuition to ground ourselves.

Don’t Shame Me! (feat. Rebecca Kerl)

Don’t Shame Me is a presentation focused on how clinicians and professionals can better support those who identify as ND, LGBTQIA+, and those who have alternative lifestyles, specifically in mental health and medical settings. LGBTQIA+, and those who have alternative lifestyles, specifically in mental health and medical settings.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Neopronouns

The presentation will distinguish and define pronouns and neopronouns. A brief general history of neopronouns will be provided. Then I will elaborate on some commonly used neopronouns, explaining how to use and say each one and giving examples of each neopronoun in popular culture today.

Do Something: Trans & Non Binary Identities (feat. Van Ethan Levy)

Do Something: Trans & Non Binary Identities is a documentary created only by trans and/or non binary people.

Queering Therapy: How to create affirming therapy for youth, individuals and families (feat. Kieran S. McMonagle)

In graduate school many of us learned therapeutic interventions to support folks in the dominant identities, culturals, relationships, and family structures. There are ways to shift language, navigate dynamics, and celebrate the queerness in therapy. Queerness shows up through politics, gender, relationship dynamics and sexuality. This is an introduction to what queering therapy can look like.

Introduction to Anti-Ableism: How to Be An Ally to the Disability Community (feat. Melissa Stricklin)

Ableism is any type of discrimination or bias against disability. In this training, attendees will learn about how to engage in allyship for individuals with disabilities. Attendees will learn practical examples of how to use anti-ableist language, how to avoid objectifying disabled individuals, and how to create safe spaces for people in the disability community. 

Self-Compassion & Shame Resilience through a lens of Trans Liberation. (feat. addyson tucker, Psy.D.)

Through this discussion/workshop, participants will learn about the history of trans negativity as it relates to anti-Blackness and fat stigma, explore the impact of oppression and microaggressions on internalized trans-negativity, and explore radical healing through a liberation framework, particularly through self-compassion & shame resilience work.

Assessment & Letter Writing (for licensed/pre licensed mental health professionals). (feat. Van Ethan Levy)

This workshop provides licensed mental health professionals with tools on how to assess & write a letter for a trans/ non binary/ non-conforming & many more non cis clients for surgery/ hormone/ name change/ gender marker change and more in one session.

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