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Importance of the Conference Flag

The non binary flag is intentionally upside down to prioritize our most historically & currently excluded members of our community.

The trans flag is on the bottom to demonstrate uplifting our most impacted members of our community. The color blue is at the base because the social constructs of blue are connected to masculinity and in the world we live in, it is safest to be binary & male.

The infinity sign is written in binary coding. The small circles are the 0’s and the large circles are 1’s. It starts from the center dot that is yellow and flows from that dot to the left, down, then up to the right and around ending in the middle.

The binary coding spells out the acronym of the conference name DSI. It reads from right to left to represent Semitic cultures that read right to left, while still centering our most impacted members.

It was intentional that the black and brown dots are on top and prioritized.  The infinity symbol was selected as it is often used by the autistic community while having gradients of color from the rainbow to represent many identities in our community & other communities