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Press Release


Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference 2024

[International & Virtual] December 28, 2023, – The second Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference, founded by Van Ethan Levy, (They | Elle) LMFT & LPCC, is set to take place virtually on Friday, May 31st, 2024. This pioneering conference serves as a crucial platform for professionals, community members and allies seeking to enhance their understanding of trans and non binary experiences to provide more affirming care. 

About the Conference:

Van Ethan Levy, (They | Elle), LMFT & LPCC, an advocate for affirming care for trans, non binary, and non cis people for over two decades, has curated an event exclusively featuring presenters whose identities are trans, non binary, and/or many more non cis identities. This ensures that the perspectives shared during presentations, panels, lectures, and education sessions are authentic, informed, and reflective of the diverse experiences and realities within these communities. 

Conference Highlights:

* A wealth of knowledge and experience: Learn from leading experts within the trans and non binary communities.

*Exclusively trans and non binary presenters: All sessions are presented by individuals who share the lived experiences they bring. 

* All are welcome: While the presenters are exclusively trans, non binary, and/or non cis, the conference warmly welcomes attendees of all identities who aspire to broaden their knowledge and engage in meaningful discussions.

Key Details:

Date: Friday, May 31st, 2024

Location: Virtual

Founder: Van Ethan Levy, (They | Elle), LMFT & LPCC, Advocate and Activist

How to Attend:

Visit to register and secure your spot at this groundbreaking event. Early registration is encouraged.

 About Van Ethan Levy: Van Ethan Levy has been at the forefront of advocating for affirming care for trans, non binary, and non cis people for over two decades. Their commitment to creating spaces for authentic dialogue and learning has made the Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference a beacon in the field. 

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About Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference:

The Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference is an annual event founded by Van Ethan Levy (They | Elle), LMFT & LPCC, dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of trans and non binary experiences. By exclusively featuring trans and non binary presenters, the conference aims to bridge gaps in knowledge and promote affirming care for all individuals.

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