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Meet Ro:

Image Description: This image contains a white, non-binary person with hazel eyes, short brown hair, wearing a t-shirt with white outlined square and in the middle contains flowers that are pink, blue & white as well as white lettering that reads "protect trans rights". In the background is a green leafed plant and brown walls and a window.

Pronouns: They

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AMFT#: 130226

Supervised by Van Ethan Levy (they | elle) LMFT 118131 & LPCC 8269  

Meet Elvina:

Image Description: This image contains an olive skin person who has a smooth face, squinted eyes (color inperceivable), and an assymetrical haircut, long and blonde on one side and short and brown on the other. Their nails are painted lime-green. She is wearing white floral-print pants, an aqua under-shirt, a dark blue over-shirt with bright multi-colored print, and blue round earrings. She is standing in front of a valley with blurred houses, trees, and mountains topped by a partly cloudy light-blue and gray sky.

Pronouns: They | She

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AMFT#: 130331

Supervised by Van Ethan Levy (they | elle) LMFT 118131 & LPCC 8269

Van is currently only engaging in same day assessments & letters for affirming care & can be contacted at for assessments & letters. However, they do supervise Associate Marriage & Family Therapist’s. Please see below information.