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Therapy: Meet Elvina

Image Description: This image contains an olive skin person who has a smooth face, squinted eyes (color inperceivable), and an assymetrical haircut, long and blonde on one side and short and brown on the other. Their nails are painted lime-green. She is wearing white floral-print pants, an aqua under-shirt, a dark blue over-shirt with bright multi-colored print, and blue round earrings. She is standing in front of a valley with blurred houses, trees, and mountains topped by a partly cloudy light-blue and gray sky.

Pronouns: They | She

Let’s collaborate so we can work together to support your ongoing healing and growth.

I work towards engaging from a compassionate, anti-oppressive, and trauma informed positionality. One of my focuses is on collaborating to better understand yourself(selves) as integrated mind/body/spirit/social/relational being(s) (soma) and reprocessing what your soma(s) hold. Some of the ways in which we can do this is through building upon the stories that empower you , learning skills for personal and/or interpersonal fulfillment. We all deserve to live our lives liberated from the reactive survival responses of trauma.

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who is currently being supervised by Van Ethan Levy. As a trans, non-binary person, I am particularly interested in exploring issues affecting those with LGBTQ+ identities, including experiences intersecting with other marginalized positionalities.

I practice cultural humility and strive to provide you centered services including but not limited to: polyamory, kink, & neurodiverse communities. I too, often feel the pain that comes from being denied, erased, pushed out and/or underrepresented and I hope to hold &/or remove these barriers in our work together.

I provide individual & relationship(s) counseling. Some approaches that I utilize include narrative therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, emotionally focused therapy, internal family systems & mindfulness, which can help us create a person centered path. I also enjoy using art, connecting with nature & more in order to adapt to what works for the person/people I am working with.

I believe that for every problem & oppressive force, there is a creative response. Whether you decide to seek this creative response or come to therapy with other goals in mind, I hope to support you.

I am a white, trans femme, non binary, pansexual, non disabled, polyamorous person living on occupied Kumeyaay land a few miles from the coast in San Diego, CA. I enjoy surfing, being outside and tracking the patterns and behavior of the natural world and the beings we share it with, playing soccer, reading, and writing poetry. I grew up not far from where I live now and strive for connection and appropriate boundaries with biological and chosen family.

I provide care virtually and in-person in public outdoor locations in the San Diego area as a way of integrating ecotherapy into my approach.  My fee structure is as follows:

  • Individual: $125 for a 50 minute session

  • Family/Couple/Relational: $135 for a 50 minute session

  • I do hold multiple spots for sliding scale and low cost sessions. 

Email: ElvinaInzano@Proton.Me

Phone: (619) 736-7833


AMFT#: 130331 

Supervised by Van Ethan Levy (they | elle) LMFT 118131 & LPCC 8269