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Presenters & Topics

Alex Vaughan (they)

Presentation Topic: My Journey Navigating the Legal System as a Trans & Queer Parent of Trans Child

Ang Woon (they)

Presentation Topics: How to Support Non-Cis Individuals Via Actions: Training for Cis Individuals and Self-Compassion for Non Cis Individuals

Āryā Jeipea Karijo (she)

Presentation Topic: Narrative Change for Trans and Queer Human Rights

Cairn Journey Yakey (they)

Presentation Topic: Making Birth Safer for Every Body

Dana M. Cea (she/they)

Presentation Topic: Clinical & Ethical Considerations in Diagnosis, Note-Writing and Record Keeping for Trans/Non Binary Clients

Grey Doolin (they)

Presentation Topic: Beyond Survival and Our Wounding: Creating Nourishing Community

Jasmin T. Williams (they/ she)

Presentation Topic: Reinforcing Equity, Psychological Safey and Inclusion in the Workplace

Jay LittleJohn (she/they)

Gender Dysphoria and Trans Embodiment: Clinical Approaches for Mental Health Professionals.

Jules Estacio (they)

Presentation Topic: Queer and Trans Histories and Futures

Kade Sharp (he/they)

Presentation Topics: Exploring Autism with Trans Clients and Supporting Autistic Trans Youth

Kieran McMonagle (he)

Presentation Topic: Queering Therapy: Engaging and Re-Defining Poly Dynamics as a Therapist

Lis Regula (he)

Presentation Topic: Moving Beyond Biological Essentialism

Ruchi Kapila (they/she)

Presentation Topic: For Community, By Community: Affirming Care for Voice and Communication

Ryann Morgan (they)

Presentation Topic: Exploring Gender: Myths, Masking & Mental Health

Van Ethan Levy (they | elle)

Presentation Topic: No More GateKeeping: Assessment & Letter Writing for Affirming Care