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Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference 2024


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Welcome to the 2nd Do Something: Identity(ies) (DSI) conference, an international virtual conference that centers and celebrates the most erased realities in the LGBTQPIA2S+ community. The conference will take place May 31st, 2024.

All presentations, panels, lectures, education sessions, and more are presented exclusively by folx who are trans/non binary and/or another non cis identity; many of the presenters also hold other historically excluded identity(ies) in terms of race, ability, and more. Additionally, everyone who is part of organizing and facilitating the conference are paid for their labor – we are focused on creating a conference that reflects the world we want to live in.

Our hope for the DSI Conference is to broaden the perspective of attendees by highlighting realities that differ from their own experiences. The intention of the conference is to center trans/non binary and many more non cis identities’ realities and educate the world on affirming care. This is an opportunity for us to show up and learn how to create a safer world for all people and learn how to collaboratively heal and engage in restorative & healing justice.

Presenters and Topics

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I attended the Do Something: Identity(ies) Conference in 2022 as a graduate student, and I learned more from this conference than I did from most of my classes - especially in working clients who have many identities. As a queer nonbinary provider working with primarily queer and gender nonconforming folks, it is so important to hear from others who share these identities in how to best support and affirm my clients. I also really appreciated the letter writing training as it has allowed me to help so many clients access affirming care. There is such a need for this work in the field and I am so grateful to DSI for creating this space. I look forward to attending this upcoming year and continuing to listen and learn!
Shiloh Finch (they)
MA, Psychotherapist
I admire Van for their tireless work to support the beautiful trans community. The conference was exclusively facilitated by trans people, which is refreshing and amazing to see when so many organizations are represented and facilitated by people without lived experiences. Every single presentation was phenomenal! I highly recommend taking this course to anyone working with trans people and their communities- which is everyone! Thank you, Van, for making this happen.
Taeko Uchino (she)
PsyD, Founder and Chief Psychologist of Positive Psychology Inc.
Having attended the Do Something Identiy(ies) Conference in 2022 and gotten so much out of it I’m very excited to attend in 2024! Every presenter was amazing and brought a wealth of information and experience to each session. It’s very unique to see an entire conference that centers the trans community and lived experience. I’m very thankful to those who chose to participate and to Van and others who made it possible through their hard work. I continue to use what I learned in the conference and in Van’s other trainings as a jumping off point to do my own self work and to better support my clients and the community. 
Emily MacDonald (she/they)
LCSW Therapist
Do Something 2022 conference – it was absolutely fantastic! So, let's dive in beyond the incredible cost/CEU ratio and talk about the real gem: the content. Now, if you're working with the 2SLGBTQ+ & kink community like I am, you know how crucial it is to have authentic, firsthand insights. And guess what? The Do Something conference nailed it! They brought in top-notch presenters and content that blew me away. Seriously, the information I soaked up during those sessions has stuck with me in my professional career as a mental health therapist, in my activism work, and even in my personal life. What's even better? They recorded everything! So not only did I get to absorb all this invaluable knowledge firsthand, but I can also revisit it whenever I need a refresher or want to share insights with colleagues. Talk about a game-changer! Honestly, attending this conference was a game-changer for me. It took me from being informed to embracing an affirming lens and practice, and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience. If you're looking to level up your understanding and support of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, trust me, the Van Ethan Levy Do Something conference is where it's at. You won't regret it!
Cara Erskine (she)
I attended the Do Something conference in 2023 because as a white heterosexual cis person, I want to continue learning to be a better ally to these amazing and vital communities. All of the information at this conference is presented by trans, nonbinary and/or queer people; and it is very inclusive of BIPOC folks. I experienced that this conference created a human connection along with the expert information presented. For me, this sense of connection helped me learn and retain the information. This empowering approach also elevates trans/queer/non binary work in the world and ensures the information conveyed has the accuracy of lived experiences. I found each presentation I saw very rich with information. Much of it either expanded on my existing knowledge or was totally new to me. The presentations were also quite interesting. I would definitely recommend this conference. I have never heard of any others like this one; I believe it’s a unique opportunity. I am grateful for the emotional and intellectual labor that was shared with me at this conference.
Andrea Bell (she)

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