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Food for Thought – How to Stop War With Food, Weight, Gender Dysphoria and Body Dysmorphia

May 13, 2022 from 11:15 am to 11:45 am

Speaker: Asa Splinter (they)

In this interactive presentation, Asa Splinter shares their personal story about how they fully recovered from an eating disorder; why food should not be seen as fuel or the enemy; and what is needed to make peace with your body.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Interpret & debunk three myths about disordered eating and summarize how the existence of these myths impacts LGBTQIA+ people
  2. Identify three reasons why looking for professional support with food & weight issues is problematic for LGBTQIA+ identities
  3. Describe 3 tools to improve or overcome a troublesome relationship with food, weight, and low self-esteem


Asa Splinter (they)

Asa is fascinated by how bodies shape our identities. They were raised on the Dutch countryside and studied in the UK, US, Belgium, and Japan where they researched transgender and intersex histories.

Ultimately, they found the key to making peace with their identity and “non-conforming” body. Asa doesn’t believe weight or shape defines your worth. Therefore, they created a transformational program that guides LGBTQIA+ people to a life of freedom from disordered eating, guilt, and low self-esteem.