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Trans in the Scripture

May 13, 2022 from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm

Speaker: Masha Leah Davis (she)

Come and learn about where trans people are in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures and other ancient texts. Take an eye-opening journey starting with the US Constitution and then through the ancient scriptures and related texts. Masha will be presenting peer-reviewed material that represents a very controversial and uncomfortable viewpoint to our detractors. This eye-opening presentation may include some stuff you may have already heard but will surely contain material that you have never heard of or even considered. The presentation will be about 50 minutes leaving about ten minutes for questions and answers.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate that transgender people did indeed exist in Biblical times and are articulated in Jewish and Christian Scriptures including the Bible and other ancient texts. 
  2. Compare ways that the US Constitution and Scriptures are analogous as it relates to ways of interpreting them. 
  3. Utilize Scripture content to rebut anti-LGBTQI+ rhetoric.

Most importantly, attendees who were driven away from Religion because they felt left out or that it is not inclusive can hopefully re-embrace their religion if they choose to.


Masha Davis (she)

I am a semi-retired Jewish Trans woman who came out in her sixties that is blessed to have remained married to my wife after my transition and is doubly blessed to also have a trans son. I transitioned at work and then retired from the Tech Industry with over 250 filed patents. Initially I was a Jew by birth only but late in my life, I “discovered” the beauty and meaning of my religion. Of course, being trans, I wanted to know where the trans people were in our teachings. Years of research and consultation with clergy of different faiths have allowed me to understand that we were not left out. I am also an advocate and regularly testify at the Texas Capitol on LGBTQI+ matters and my research has been very useful in opening up the eyes of some (sadly not enough) legislators that we are not an abomination as our naysayers claim. I also regularly lecture on my research to our own community so people can feel better about their relationship with G*D and their own religion. Additionally, I am Vice President of Membership of a local chapter here in Austin of PFLAG, President of a local chapter of Keshet (a Jewish LGBTQI+ social/support group), and am on the board of TGQ (a monthly get-together of Trans and Queer people.) And if life is not busy enough for me, I am a Risk and Compliance co-worker at our local IKEA – a company which truly embraces inclusion and diversity. I count my blessings that I am accepted by my family and my three children and grandson.


Zelle: 716 510-4080