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Exploring My Identity(ies), Interactive Book


Wondering how to love yourself? Scared you are unlovable? Are you tired of people telling you, who you are, how you should dress, what your name should be, what your pronouns are, and so much more? Are you exploring your identities? Are you wanting to learn how to support trans/nonbinary/loved ones? Are you ready to address the internalized transphobia that you hold that we ALL hold, despite your identity? This interactive book is designed to assist you on your journey to unlearn the harmful lessons/messages/behaviors that we have internalized while learning to create supportive and affirming ways of engaging with ourselves and with others.

Available in paperback and/or on Kindle.

Bulk and discounts available please contact us through the contact page.


This interactive book is created to assist you in learning more about yourself, and unlearning the harmful messages you have received and continue to receive. It is vital to learn to hold spaces for ourselves that are safer and affirming while creating those same spaces for others. I hope your self-discovery journey creates awareness that allows you to grow in ways that are affirming to yourself and/or others. We live in a society that is rooted in transphobia and we all have internalized transphobia. No one is immune. What can differentiate us from people who are transphobic is the willingness to identify ways to cultivate an awareness of how we are engaging in our transphobia, and to unlearn these harmful messages. This book will help you deconstruct gender, understand terms like: transphobia, internalized transphobia, microaggression, privilege, macroaggression, cisgender, trans, non binary, masculinity, femininity, and so much more. This book is deigned for all people, no matter what identities a person holds.


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