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LGBTQPIA+ Consultation

Hi, I am Van (they), a trans & non binary who is dually licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor. I offer many trainings on trans affirming care along with a ton of other resources. Including, but not limited to: Letter writing & Assessments, competent care, interactive workbook, creating safer and more affirming spaces.

I am now offering consultation that starts at $250 for 50 minutes AND I also offer a sliding scale. This can be one time and it can be on going.  The focus is on working with people who hold an LGBTQPIA+ identity(ies) so that we can continue to grow and become able to hold safer and more affirming spaces for my community.

Please email me at . Please share with me, via email:

-What are you seeking consultation for?

-Frequency you wish to meet?

-A price range that is sustainable for you ?

I look forward to reading your responses and assisting in this growth.