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Do Something: Trans & Nonbinary Identities Documentary and Q&A

May 13, 2022 from 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm

Speaker: Van Ethan Levy (Van/they/elle)

Do Something: Trans & Non-Binary Identities is a documentary created only by trans and/or non-binary people. This film is designed to create an awareness of our realities on what we experience due to the identities we hold. You will be taken on the journey of our reality as a trans and/or non-binary person. The film is also a call to action to create safer, more affirming spaces for ourselves and each other.

Do Something: Trans & Non-Binary Experiences Documentary viewing and Q & A.

Learning Objectives:


  1. Describe some of the microaggressions and macroaggressions encountered by non-cis individuals
  2. Define terms frequently used by trans individuals to describe their identities and experiences
  3. Identify 3 ways of being an ally to people who are trans/ non-binary/ other CIS identities

Do Something: Trans & Non-Binary Documentary with Q & A Session:

– Discuss the difference between the use of the terms “trans” and “transgender”

– Explain why some common microaggressions encountered by non-cis individuals are microaggressions

– Practice repair after misgendering someone



Van Ethan Levy (van/they/elle)

Van is a queer, non-binary, trans, socialized as female, nBPOC (not Black Person of Color), who is autistic & has dynamic disabilities amongst many more historically excluded identities. They are a dually Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Van is passionate about holding space for all intersections of one’s identity(ies). Van is dedicated to social justice & believes it is vital to cultivate an awareness of our own internal strengths, specifically our resilience as we continue to grow & discover ourselves. Van believes it is important to trust & validate our experience(s) & journey(s). Van aims to engage from an anti-oppressive positionality & hopes to continue to learn ways to show up better. Van also provides training on trans & non-binary identities is the author of the interactive book Exploring My Identity(ies) (2020), produced a Documentary called Do Something: Trans & Non-Binary Identities (2021), created an international list of mental health professionals who will provide letters for affirming care in 1 session to minimize the gatekeeping, Van also provides an asynchronous 1-hour training on assessment & letter writing in 1 session &is putting on an international conference called Do Something: Identity(ies) (2022).



Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Zelle:  Van Ethan Levy or 619 993 3642